Colourful Lakes of WA Tour – 3 Days

Perth – Hyden – Collie –  Perth

Vibrant but also relaxing; it all reminds of a painter’s colour palette: pink, green, yellow, turquoise, light blue. Some salty, some not. You will be amazed at how many hidden but colourful and unique lakes are to be discovered in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region.

Tour Overview

  • Tour dates (on Saturdays):

    01.04.2023 / 22.04.2023

    02.09.2023 / 16.09.2023

    14.10.2023 / 04.11.2023

    18.11.2023 / 02.12.2023

    03.02.2024 / 24.02.2024

    09.03.2024 / 23.03.2024

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    Min. 3 passengers

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    Can be booked as a private tour – surcharge apply


    Price per person incl. GST in double room: AU$1,520.00

    Price per person incl. GST in single room: AU$1,700.00

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Services Included

Transport & Accommodation

Transport in an air-conditioned bus or 4WD with a maximum of 12 passengers per vehicle

Accommodation during the tour 2x in Hotel/Motel

Entry Fees

Entry fees National Parks, Wave Rock


Meals (2x B – Breakfast)

Free drinking water


Comprehensive information kit in vehicles


English speaking guiding

German speaking guiding

French speaking guiding and other languages on request only

24/7 English/German/French emergency assistance


Day 1 Perth – Hyden


Our first stop on this unique trip is York in the picturesque Avon Valley. A quaint short stroll in the oldest inland settlement of W.A. will take you back to the time of the first settlers. The old well-maintained and renovated houses boasting their original facades bring forth still today the atmosphere of the pioneer’s time. Quairading Pink Lake is regarded as the local phenomena. At certain times of the year, the left side of the lake is a distinctive pink colour while the right side remains blue. After a quick stop at Corrigin‘s famous dog cemetery, we will view the eclectic statues ‘Waiting for Hay’ created by a local Kondinin farmer, from star pickets depicting various farming poses – ‘clearing the land’ ‘waiting for rain’ ‘shearing the sheep’ and ‘inspecting the crop’. Inspired by her love of swimming, the artist has added a new addition called ‘Freestylin’. Unofficially known as ‘Statues Lake’, the lake forms part of the wider Kondinin lake system. We then take a drive out to the Kondinin Lake located 5km west of town. After sufficient rain there is an abundance of birdlife as well as ski boats and kayaking activities. In the early evening we arrive in Hyden. Lake Magic is a strange little water body – a naturally occurring salt-lake with gypsum minerals at its base and a sandy, circular beach surrounding it. It gets its name thanks to the high salt density of the water making it impossible for you to sink! And while that’s pretty cool on its own, it’s the changing colours of the lake over the course of the day that make it really special.

Accommodation: Wave Rock Motel/Resort, Hyden (Breakfast)

Day 2 Hyden – Collie


After breakfast, we will visit the famous and astounding “breakers wave” the ‘Wave Rock’. There is enough time to explore and learn about the story of this unbelievable natural wonder. We farewell Hyden and continue our journey towards Lake King. The salt deposits on the lake make for a dazzling display as they sparkle in the sunshine. During spring the banks of this lake become thick with bright pink flowers. By travelling west along the fascinating Lake King Causeway, we cross the longest road built across a salt-lake in Western Australia. Lake Grace North & Lake Grace South two interconnecting salt lakes are located 8km from the town site. These two lakes are so large that they are rarely able to fill completely. Water in the lakes can be blown from one side to the other by the wind. The picturesque Lake Dumbleyung was made famous in the 1960s when Donald Campbell broke the water speed record in his Bluebird boat. That made him the fastest man on both land and water. We drive along the Lake Dumbleyung Scenic Drive which will lead us up to Pussy Cat Hill. Here you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of this expanse of water, which is the largest body of inland water in Western Australia.

Accommodation: Banksia Motel, Collie (Breakfast)

Day 3 Collie – Perth


The inland lakes around Collie are a highlight, especially the beautiful Black Diamond, which has risen to Instagram fame due to its vibrant colour. It is considered by many as the number one swimming hole in the area. Black Diamond Lake is best experienced on a clear, sunny day as the lake sparkles and radiates a magnificent blue colour, making it some of the bluest water you will ever see. The Wellington Dam is fed by the Collie River. It is the largest dam in south west Australia and the second largest man-made reservoir in Western Australia. In February 2021, this dam has become the world’s largest dam mural. The huge 8,000 square metre mega-mural has been titled “Reflections” by the artist in charge and has become a new tourist attraction of the region. Closer back to Perth our final stop is one body of water that has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Logue Brook Dam in the Darling Ranges is a stunning water haven surrounded by Jarrah forest. The clear calm waters of Lake Brockman provide the perfect location for a myriad of activities. Leisurely drive back to Perth where this tour concludes.

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