About Us

About Us

“Travelling is an art, consisting of many styles and variations”

WA NT TOURS is a Swiss owned tour operations company based in Perth, Australia. It offers the most comprehensive range of German guided quality tours in small groups after forming an alliance with myOCtour, another Perth based tour operations company. In line with this, WA NT TOURS handles the administration work in the cooperation. The company offers a wide array of tour options. From small groups, mode of transportation and choice of tourist destinations, take a different perspective in touring with WA NT TOURS.

The philosophy and vision which was manifested at the foundation of WA NT TOURS is still kept today, together with the necessary updates required for a dynamic market:



We want our clientele to change the usual perspective of being on tour, instead we want them to feel like they’re on a road trip with friends.

Our obligation to our clients is to deliver the best value for money for his most precious holiday time.


Today, WA NT TOURS prides itself in being a premier travel service and tour operations company committed in making travel exciting, safe, hassle-free and convenient for its clients. We look forward to the future and envision WA NT TOURS to be the market leader in the niche of German-guided tours for small groups in Western Australia and North Territory. (WA & NT)